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snap filter share!

hey all! a few things i wanted to share. my newest e-book, Shap Filter Share has officially launched and i’m just so excited for you all to see it. in fact, here’s a little promo video i put together…

it really has been a huge part of my heart for some time. as i share in the book i’ve been documenting with my phone since 2009. that iphone 3g was nothing short of amazing and as time went on it became just a normal part of our days. easy to carry around, quick to snap and even quicker to share. so i’ve wanted to put together a guide of some sort for ages and finally decided to just… do it.

the crafting of a project like this is time consuming, emotionally exhausting, and amazing all at the same time. seeing a dream, a vision, come to life and lay before me is like nothing else i can even begin to explain. it’s… similar to what my friend alicia says, akin to giving birth. you push and you push and you push and you feel like there’s no end in sight. and then boom. you have a baby. or an e-book.

but alas she’s here, my baby e-book, and i’m mighty proud of her. and thankful to some incredible artists that contributed their time for my little Q & A session as well as some of their favorite mobile photography images to date. i feel blessed and thankful. be sure to check it out!

so, that’s all on that front. things are evolving and changing here in the ole blog and i’m excited and really looking forward to what this year holds.


Capturing your kids: a photography series on Simple Mom.


As mentioned the other day, I’m thrilled to be writing for SimpleMom and today am bringing you the start to my new photography series called Capturing your Kids! From the post…

I am self taught, through many years of trial and error, and am passionate about helping others document their own lives whether it be with their iPhone, point & shoot camera, or DSLR. It is through this passion that this photography series was born.

Click here to read the rest and talk to me about your favorite family photos!

news and such.

so there’s been a quite a shift in my freelance work the last 6 months. i’ve said goodbye to a few beloved writing opportunities, unsure of what might be ahead in that respect. i’ve been busy though, so it has been okay: taking on a few copy clients, prepping for a couple of spring Flys, continuing on with some design work for another photographer, and the writing of my fourth e-book. (more on this soon!)

all the while raising three cute (but wild children), instagramming , and drinking coffee. (hard life, eh?)

here’s the fun news: i’ve been so excited to share this and today i get to! a while back tsh contacted me about writing for her (amazing) blog, simple mom. just so you guys know i’ve been reading tsh’s blog since it’s early days. what an honor it was to be asked to contribute among such talented voices – and on one of my favorite topics: photography! obviously i tried to contain my excitement and calmly told her yes. though i might have used a lot of !!!.

so, my first post debuts next week and i’m thrilled to introduce a series (stay tuned) i’ll be bringing the readers. i hope to see you there! and that’s all folks, happy easter weekend! until next time…

March 29, 2013 - 9:21 am

Kaley - Congrats Ang! That is so awesome. I can’t wait to read your posts over there.

i want this more than life.

i want this more than life. – whitley

it’s been a while since i’ve wanted to shoot. it’s been a while since i wanted to blog. i feel the opposite lately, and i can’t explain it, but here it is. pictures + words. i have a lot of pictures and a lot of words to share.

but for now, just these. maybe it’s spring, maybe it’s quinn. but i’m inspired and it feels like heaven.

March 29, 2013 - 9:43 am

Kaylan - Beautiful photos!

quinn, a memoir, and things to come.

this last week marked one year. one year since i weaned her and one year since i abruptly stopped mornings with quinn. by far the hardest few weeks of my life, the darkest, and what felt like the most painful. so i decided to write about it, about her and the healing that came with her. i decided to write this memoir that’s been brewing for two years now. i felt ready and thought it would help as i continue to push through this anxiety and PPD.

i was wrong.

i wasn’t ready, i’m not. i felt physically sick as i wrote, as i pushed through a specific part of the story. when i closed my computer after hours and thousands of words poured in, i knew i couldn’t open that document up again. at least not for a long while.

and i had to be okay with that. because it put me back in that place and the hurt and anger and sadness rose to the surface, burning my throat and fogging my vision. if the story doesn’t get told it’s okay, if it stays within the walls of my heart, i need to be okay with that too.

so instead, i shot her. in a familiar and long time favorite location. i turned the camera on her and watched her. this little passionate soul that came barreling into my life. and it felt good. and healing and stirring and emotive.

and as i look to things ahead – some rebirths and some new opportunities, i see a light and it feels good. and i feel excited, and i think she does too.


March 19, 2013 - 9:11 pm

Kaley - xoxo

March 19, 2013 - 3:24 pm

Jessica Deane - she is just. TOO. CUTE.